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The decision to ask for help with rehoming a beloved companion is never easy. 

Whatever the reason, our priority is to support the owner in making the right decision for themselves and for their Dog. Taking time to look at all of the alternatives and how ESRA can help. Only when we have explored all of the options, and you would be surprised at just how creative our help can be, do we move forward with rehoming the Dog. At any time the owner can change their mind, they can come back at a later date, pause and ask more questions, and that's OK.  

Once ESRA becomes responsible for the Dog we organised everything from paperwork to transport and most importantly finding the right home for the right Dog. The life time support is without question the biggest commitment we make to the owner, they know we will always be there watching over their Dog.

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We are fortunate that we have a waiting list for our Dogs.

If you wish to leave your details we will keep you in mind if a Dog becomes available.  

Each Dog is rehomed with the most suitable home. 

All home checks are carried out by experienced Setter owners who have supported us for many years. 

We will ask lots of questions, we take rehoming very seriously. 

When the Dog starts its journey to it's new home it will be transported by experienced Setter handlers, no matter how far to its new home the Dog will be handled with care and all of it's needs met.

On arrival at the new home, the adopters will have already received as much information about the Dog as we have. With the Show Dogs this will possibly include everything, Veterinary history, feeding, exercise. Loves, hates and all of the quirks inbetween. Blankets, toys, treats and a complete highly detailed account on the Dogs 'particular little ways'. The paperwork will need to be completed and the handover conducted in a slow and gentle way as not to seem as abandonment by the Dog.

The adopter will have one to one support for as long as needed. 

Everything and Anything, we are only a phone call away.

ESRA pay for the first check up with the adopters Vet. Any health issues identified and requiring attention are also covered.  Any long term issues will be covered by ESRA for the duration of the Dogs life.

Some Dogs come to us as mature companions, we undertake to pay not only their Veterinary bills but a monthly support payments too. This will be discussed pre adoption.

ESRA can in special circumstances, go one step further than any other Setter Charity. Setters who have life long companions, usually another canine, can possibly be adopted as a pair even if the companion is not a Setter. It is rare, but we recognise the importance of their life long bond or inter dependency, especially in older animals. 

We do not have a fixed fee for our Dogs, we ask for a contribution towards costs or a donation to our Charity. No amount is ever specified. 

ESRA has been blessed with generous donations and bequests by those who love this breed, we are financially resiliant, it is our duty is to use that funding to support the dogs they loved for generations to come.  We take our responsibility very seriously.

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For a number of years ESRA worked with a small number of European agencies to bring a small number of Working and Dual Purpose Setters in to the UK. Concerns were raised about the suitability of the Dogs for rehoming in domestic homes, but critically whilst the majority of homes managed to adapt, a few did not. Even with extensive support we realised the hearts were all too willing, but sadly the skills to manage a Working Setter were too much for some Adopters.  

Worse still when the Adopters failed the Dogs paid with their lives. 

When ESRA started restructuring at the end of 2018 our very first Policy decision was to stop all importation of Working and Dual Purpose Setters.

We know exactly how Setters are treated in parts of Europe, we know the suffering and desperate plight of Dogs in pounds and on the streets. We know people mean well when they take in a dog in dire need of support and seek help from ESRA, a Charity with a reputation for extensive support and generous funding. 

In the past four years the number of agencies importing Dual and Working Setters has increased. The importation of 400 Dogs in FOUR years by one single agency has forced us to review our fundamental remit. In Italy alone 13,000 English Setters were  registered, put that into context with the average of 230 bred in the UK each year of which only a tiny proportion were workers.

Our decision is, we must focus on the Dogs bred in this Country, the only exception are Dogs belonging to Expats. 

ESRA will not support any Agency importing Working Setters and we will not support in anyway a Working Setter imported by any other Agency. 

We will not rehome, we will not give advice and we will not fund any non ESRA Working Setter either now or in the future. This means every Working or Dual Purpose Setter will need to have it's point of origin verified before we offer help. 

There will be no exceptions.

Already the number of non ESRA European Working Dogs in need of our help has reached a worrying level, dogs that have been rehomed time and time again, dogs adopted by people who have no idea of the breed and are unable to cope, or worse still have neglected the dog. Working Setters are not domesticated Show Dogs and having to hold a rescue dog in your arms as it is put to sleep is not only heartbreaking, it makes us even more determined to raise our concerns of irresponsible unchecked mass importation of Dogs that deserve so much better. There are no pros and cons of Working dogs going blind. No quick fix for dogs who have been rehomed time and time again and no quick fix for dogs for Dogs carrying Kennel Cough or Worm infestations which can take months to clear with Veterinary support. The emotional trauma some dogs have been subjected to is unbearable, once resucued in Europe now needing our support in the UK. 

If you are thinking of Adopting a European English Setter and would like some advice we are happy to discuss the real commitment required, to help you ask the right questions before you make a life time commitment to a dog with limited history. 


An important part of our work is supporting Setters who need help not rehoming.

We support Setters in need, with emergency Vets bills, long term care. We cover emergency kennel fees or arrange emergency foster care when required. No matter what the reason support is required.

 We are always there for the dogs we rehome, we have always extend this support to dogs bred in the UK or have entered the UK with their owners. 

Increasingly we are supporting owners who are delivering care to a family member or partner, and sometimes owners who are experiencing bereavement.

Sometimes financial challenges make decision making for our companions seem very bleak.

We are here to find ways to support both owner and their beloved companions during these difficult times, to make life easier and less stressful for all concerned without the dog being rehomed or suffering debilitating or life threatening situations. Accidents to potential blindness, life long conditions to major surgery our dogs come first in recieving the very best. 

Another area where we are highly specialised is the support and training advice we can give to Dogs as they settle into their new homes, in particular Working Dogs. 

There is no excuse for a Worker we rehome not to come off lead. 

It is a question of understanding exactly what they were bred for and working with them, understanding their needs and the relationship you have with your Dog.

A working Setter is NOT a 'doggie' it is far more and if you do not recognise that fact you will allow never him or her to achieve their potential. 

We can help in so many ways, never hesitate to ask.

 We are always here. 

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