For anyone considering a Working English Setter...

The following titles can be found on YouTube, they will give you an indication of various aspects of the Working Setter. 

Ferma. English Setter. Puppy.   -   Play to develop the puppies natural skills. There are two clips showing her growing.

Setter Inglese. Zeus. Arpesenti   -   Setters are bred to work at great distance,  they are not Labrador's or Spaniel's, they are certainly not dogs for the faint hearted. Zeus working on the Mountain is a great example.

Setter Inglese Slozia   -   This shows the great skill required to enable these dogs to work together.

English Setter Addestramento   -  More working dogs. The skills of the owner and dogs make this look easy!!

Tex Dolcedo   -   Shows the a real working partnership between the dog and its owner.

Wespa Ingiliz Setter   -   This shows some of the sets, there is a big variation on expectations!!!

And then there is Luna English Setter (i bei giorni)  -   The perfect Setter. Excuse the music, but she was an International Field Trail Champion. Sadly Luna was stolen and has never been found.  

Working setters are not pets. They are companions. They are highly intelligent with few health issues.

They can scent a bird at several hundred feet, stay on set for long periods, work at great distance or right next to you.

They were bred to work with birds of prey long before guns were invented.

They have the stamina to work for weeks on end covering great distances.

Working setters have been bred with exacting standards for hundreds of years to achieve these skills.

They were not bred as domestic dogs. 99% of working setters have never been inside a house.

They are loyal and bond for life.

They are very gentle dogs, but can be protective if confronted. They are more than capable of looking after themselves.

It is unfortunate that some of the skills they are bred can be problematic in adjusting to domestic life.
These dogs need exercise, with 'time out' every day.

Setters can and will eat almost anything. A natural diet is best. 

Some will have lived in kennels with other groups, others will have lived on their own since they were 6 weeks old.

They can appear to settle quickly, but it takes much longer for them to trust their new owner.

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