Happy Endings

Rehomed at 7yrs when his owners circumstances changed, he had previously lived with a retriever perhaps that is why his recall is so good!

Now living in Somerset his new owner writes -

All goes well – we have had to reinforce under the fence as well as put fencing on top of the wall! I caught Alfie as he manoeuvred his backside thro the hole he had dug between tree roots! Roly has picked up enormously since having a companion again and it is nice to see. Alfie is the best setter I have ever had off lead, he is brilliant and he has blossomed, become very playful so all in all a happy ending. I do not for a moment believe he has colitis just the usual setter tum if fed too much meat. Roly and Alfie have a good routine – an hour or so boxing in the garden morning and evening which has made Roly much braver. I always think setters should be at least in pairs.


Rehomed at 2 1/2yrs when owners split and there was illness in the family.

Now living in Kent her new owner,who took on Addy a very fearful worker,who is gunshy and had been set on by other dogs whilst in rescue,8mths ago. She writes -

Wow what a bundle of mischief, naughtiness and fun! Lilly is lovely but has done nosedives into the pond, cleared the worktops and this AM. I forgot and left my half prepared porridge in saucepan on the side – heard a bang and found her with one foot in the saucepan and porridge stuck to the floor! I burst out laughing. Addy has been wonderful, embraced her into our home. They chase and play in the garden – OK until it continues indoors and settees go flying! He draws the limit when she tries to encroach on his evening cuddles with me. Addy has taught her to stalk birds and they creep up the garden together but Lilly is too keen and chases nothing – the look that Addy gives her! We realize now just how far we have come with Addy. Lilly is a lovely dog – they are sitting outside checking the garden out!

Came over from NW Ireland – she had been found on a garage forecourt where she had been dumped.  The garage owner kept her in the garage at night until she was taken to a rescue.  She was estimated at 4 – 5yrs old.

Now living in Warwickshire her new owner writes -

Our family has been totally enriched by Lottie’s presence in the very short time she has been here.  She has settled well following her traumas and her character is coming out– total excitement when we go for walks, her whole body shakes with anticipation as her lead goes on.  In an evening she loves cuddles…last night I was sitting on the floor watching TV and she wandered up and lay down beside me with her head on my lap and went into a deep sleep for about and hour – woke up with a start checked everyone there and all well and back to sleep again!

Rehomed at 3yrs when her owner’s life became extra busy with a business to run and young grandchildren to look after.

Now living in Dorset her new family write -

Lilli has settled in well with our other setters and is learning fast, we go dog training once a week. She has been to a ‘point to point’ and loved seeing the horses gallop past She is making friends with our horse and the cattle and is almost steady with the sheep and poultry. We are thrilled with her – thank you for thinking of us.

Rehomed at 16mths from S W Ireland taken in by small rescue.

Now living in West Midlands his new family writes -

We have now had Rory for 12mths so it is time to do an update. He is doing well. He is the most loving dog, affectionate, sweet natured, and gentle. He loves running for miles up at our cottage in Northumberland and coming back sometimes when asked! He is also happy in the Midlands, luckily we have a big garden so he can race around safely but he also likes lying around in the house - quite a lazy dog! He is always happy and I have never know a dog wag his tail so much – often hitting himself in the face with it!! One of the good things about him is he never jumps up so never scratches the paint work on the doors and excellent for preservation of our friends clothes. He is better in the car -is never sick now.

All in all he has been a delight and we look forward to many more happy years with him.



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