The English Setter Rescue Association are dedicated to helping any English Setter in need.  Our aim is to rescue any English Setters who need help, for whatever reason, and to re-home them into permanent, loving homes where they will be happy and cared for throughout the remainder of their lives.

The purpose of our website is to keep up-to-date with photos and details of English Setters as we are rescuing/re-homing them. It is designed to give information and advice about adopting a rescued English Setter and to offer help to anyone who is considering having their English Setter re-homed.

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You will find out how ESRA began and how it is organised and working today, descriptions of the two types of English Setters with colour illustrations, and stories and photographs of the many English Setters we have rescued or re-homed. There is a page entitled 'Happy Endings' where we feature some adopted English Setters and give news of their lives provided by their happy new owners.

We hope you will find our site interesting and informative and will enjoy reading about the English Setters which have been given 'the second chance' which they so desperately needed.

If you have an English Setter, of any age, which you need to re-home, or if you think you would like to adopt and care for a rescued English Setter, please contact Deborah Bevan, tel no: 07722 841344 or email Deborah

If you have adopted an English Setter from us and would like his or her story to appear on this website, also contact Deborah.

A Message from Jenny

May I thank all the ESRA trustees, regional helpers, home checkers, transporters, fosterers and other rescues, and supporters of ESRA who have sent me messages of condolence, cards, flowers etc etc - your kindness has been overwhelming and has supported me no end. Sadly John could not get over what ever went wrong during the removal of his kidney and after over 2mths of fighting he died on 18 January - His funeral was on the 11 Feb - we had to wait for a PM - even then it was only an interim report and there has to be a GPs and Hosp report to Coroner and a case be held in approx 6mths. I thank those of you who came to his funeral - the singing was phenomenal and very moving. John was always a 'back room boy' where ESRA was concerned - travelling many thousands of 'night time' miles to pick up dogs off transport from Ireland over the years and always happy to bring them back to our home until the right home was found. Having been married for 56 years life will never be the same again. But many many thanks for all your love and support. Jenny

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